We do not encourage gambling, betting or any kind of in-app purchase. Our games are 100% free to play and any user 18 and older may join. We make games to have fun in virtual worlds and social adventures without being scared about money. Terms of Use.



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Space Stacks Reel Bets

Welcome to the world of Space Stacks Reel Bets, a unique game from Bloom Contact that opens the vast expanse of space before you! In this exciting game you will travel through the stars and planets, collecting incredible winnings and experiencing amazing adventures.

Space Stacks Reel Bets offers you not only the opportunity to win cosmic riches, but also to immerse yourself in the exciting atmosphere of a virtual space journey. Different from gambling, our game offers no money betting and focuses on pure gameplay that will allow you to enjoy a great time in virtual space.

Meet unique characters, explore mysterious planets and compete for space rewards with your friends. Space Stacks Reel Bets invites you on an exciting adventure through the vast expanse of space, where every spin becomes a step towards victory!

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About Us

We are the makers of illusions and the social engineers

Bloom Contact is more than just a company, it’s a community of creative minds who have come together to create engaging social games. Our mission is to bring people together in virtual worlds where everyone can be part of unique stories and enjoy fun socializing.

We pride ourselves on differentiating ourselves from gambling by not offering money bets or involving financial risks. At Bloom Contact, we create a place where virtual adventure meets harmonious social interaction. Our games not only entertain, but also inspire – giving each player the opportunity to be part of something bigger.

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The most common questions about Bloom Contact

The Bloom Contact platform has a varied selection of social games such as Fred’s Food Truck and other immersive virtual environment to choose from.

Yes, our games are designed to be played on a many different types of mobile devices for ease of use and access.

No. Bloom Contact is free to play and does not offer in-game purchases, ensuring a worry-free gaming experience.