About Us

We are the makers of illusions and the social engineers

Welcome to the world of Bloom Contact! A world where every game is an art of unexpected turns and social interaction. Bloom Contact is a creative team that adds uniqueness and excitement to your virtual adventure, and not just the financial part.

Here at “Bloom Contact” we believe in the power of an imagination and the ability to create unique worlds. Our goal is to create a space where players can be engulfed in illusions where every lie becomes a story out of this world. We love social gaming and we respect social gamers, just for you we bring enthralling and captivating entertainment.

Our staff is a group of awesome developers, amazing designers, and finest historians who are dedicated to producing exciting virtual worlds. here at “Bloom Contact”, our team is fixed on their idea that games cannot only be fun, but improve your social skills, uncover new aspects of your personality.

Come to the world of Bloom Contact! Is a world where each Game is a unique journey into social adventures and virtual illusions where the only currency real.

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